High Performance Manager Accreditation (AHPM)

What is an Accredited High Performance Manager?

ESSA Accredited High Performance (Sports Science/ Sports Medicine) Managers have advanced knowledge and skills in leading and managing a team of sports scientists and sports medicine professionals. An ESSA Accredited High Performance Manager can come from a variety of backgrounds, but they have extensive experience working for, and providing a service in a high performance sport setting. 

During 2020, the ESSA Sports Science Advisory Group (SSAG) formed a High Performance Manager working group to support the work of individuals employed in these roles. The first task of the working group has been to develop an easy to understand definition of a High Performance Manager, on the context of the existing accreditation framework.

This definition is as follows:
    An Accredited High Performance Manager (AHPM) applies leadership and management skills, working with a team of Sports Science and Sports Medicine (SSSM) and coaching professionals to assist athletes to optimise sports performance in an ethical manner. This is achieved through the utilisation of best-practice principles to oversee the design, planning, implementation, and evaluation of SSSM programs for sporting teams, organisations or clubs.

    At all times, an AHPM’s primary concern is the well-being of the athlete, the team, staff, and other service users by providing diligent duty of care, taking appropriate steps to minimise harm and creating an environment free from substances and methods prohibited by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

    An AHPM is tertiary qualified and the pathway to engage in this role may arise after many years of experience in the sports industry and from professions involved in athlete preparation.

    AHPMs need to meet high-level quality assurance standards, including ongoing accreditation requirements and compliance with ESSA’s Code of Professional Conduct and Ethical Practice.

Click here to read the article: Defining the role of the Accredited High Performance Manager in Sport   

How to Apply:

  1. Read and confirm your eligibility for this pathway
  2. Confirm you can supply appropriate evidence
  3. Click on the APPLICATION FORM at the bottom of the page.

Got a question?

Please review the application form carefully as this provides information on how to complete the application.

If you still have questions or would like guidance with your application, please contact us at [email protected]

Application Process: 

  • Please ensure that you allow enough time to complete this process in full in order to secure the best outcome for the assessment of your application. 
  • You must complete all relevant components of the application form, incomplete applications will not be assessed. 
  • To be fair to all applicants, your application cannot be expedited, and the outcome can only be influenced by the use of suitable evidence, not personal, academic or industry pressure. 
  • We reserve the right to ask further questions or request further evidence. By submitting evidence you are giving us permission to validate your studies, practicum, work etc. with those involved. 

Submission Information:

Every accreditation application relies upon the submission of evidence that the applicant is able to show that they have the knowledge, skills and attitude to practice within the relevant scope of practice and meet the accreditation standards. Therefore, an accreditation submission must include real examples of how you have conducted your work. This may then be followed by an interview with the assessor or even a chance to show them how you conduct a task through videos, zoom/skype/other interactive platforms. If you are not sure about what evidence best fits this model take a look at the relevant mapping document for guidance. If you are still unsure please contact the ESSA office. 

You must de-identify (remove/edit/censor) clients' personal or contact details. Any item that is not de-identified will not be assessed. 

Example Evidence:

Suitable evidence may include: 

  • Case studies, session notes, proposed work plans (where de-identified)
  • Meeting minutes, email summaries and other forms to demonstrate your contribution, guidance or involvement
  • Log records for an intervention
  • CV and Work History

Example Evidence Table:



Evidence Item Number



3, 5, 8



1, 2, 4



2, 3, 5



4, 6, 9

Application Form:

Click the button below to begin your application. Please ensure you have read the application guide whilst compiling your application. The application guide outlines key information, requirements and helpful hints to assist you. 

Accredited High Performance Manager Application Form  

Application Form      

You must provide a certified copy for your ID with your application to ESSA. Examples of acceptable photo ID and instructions on how to certify the copy can be found here. 
Certified Photo ID




Masters (or higher) in Sports Science

Be registered as a Physiotherapist, Dietitian, Doctor or Level 3 ASCA with a relevant university degree



Demonstrated evidence of 5 years (FTE) experience within High Performance Manager Scope of Practice

 Pre-requisite  ASpS Level 2 N/A 


Meet HPM Standards

Meet HPM Standards

Application Processing Fee



All accreditation application fees are determined by which professional standards are required to be addressed.

All fees are required to be payable upon receipt of the application and are non-refundable.

An additional fee of $55 applies in the event an application requires additional information to be finalised.

Additional Resources, Templates and Guides: 

Additional Resources