ESSA Meets with NDIA CEO

13 October 2023

Taking an important step forward in improving dialogue and collaboration between the NDIA and exercise physiology professionals, Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA) CEO Anita Hobson-Powell met with NDIA CEO Rebecca

Falkingham earlier this week. They discussed NDIS reform and issues impacting exercise physiology support within the scheme.

They met to discuss three main issues affecting ESSA and its members:

  1. EP’s scope of practice and its importance for the scheme
  2. NDIS pricing arrangements for EPs 
  3. EP’s support for cuts during plan reviews

Exercise physiology has had a very challenging presence in the NDIS since its inception. ESSA has received and understood complaints about the agency’s decisions around exercise physiology.

Rebecca recognised the value of Accredited Exercise Physiology professionals both for participants and the scheme itself. She expressed surprise upon learning about the trend of exercise physiology support cuts presented by ESSA and has committed to following up on this issue and continuing the discussion to find the best solution. Rebecca welcomed ESSA’s offer to assist in training NDIA staff.

Anita and Rebecca also discussed the current pricing arrangements for exercise physiology. They aim to establish a clearer approach that truly recognises and values Accredited Exercise Physiology professionals. Rebecca also mentioned that various reforms will be introduced to the scheme once the final report for the NDIS review is released and that such conversations will help in the co-designing of the scheme.

ESSA will continue to work with the NDIA and the Government to implement the changes necessary for a better NDIS.

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