Stretch Yourself Strong

Stretch Yourself Strong allows ESSA professionals to make evidence-based choices around mobility and flexibility training in an environment where this often is not the case.

Stretch Yourself Strong

In partnership with Stretch Yourself Strong


This course is going to completely change the way you look at flexibility and "mobility" training, and serve you an evidence-based framework to;

  • Create programs that address tightness and imbalance for your clients before it becomes an issue that leaks clients from your calendar.
  • Teach your clients to be strong through full range of motion with programs that progress clients through 4 phases of flexibility training.
  • Become an expert on training flexibility and stand out amongst trainers who are confused by how to approach mobility and flexibility


    Learning Modules

    The course contains 8 Modules, all of which contain a quiz which requires a 100% mark to progress.
    This course provides you with a framework by which to program flexibility training. The objectives of the course are listed below;

  • Create flexibility programs that progress through appropriate training methods and techniques
  • Learn how to assess the needs and goals of the client
  • Understand common flexibility training myths
  • Understand common flexibility training terminology
  • Have a basic understanding of the science of what happens when we stretch, and how this applies to programming principles
  • Understand the various approaches to flexibility training and techniques
  • Learn how to progress techniques through principles such as intensity and duration, and the feet these have on outcomes
  • Learn the effect flexibility training and stretching have on sporting performance
  • Understand “tightness” and the factors that limit flexibility
  • Learn the 4 phases of flexibility training and how to teach them
  • Understand the role of static stretching and how to coach it
  • Understand the role of dynamic stretching and how to coach it
  • Understand the role of eccentric training and end range strength and how to coach it
  • Understand ballistic stretching and how to coach it
  • Understand isometric training and how to coach it
  • Understand the role various flexibility training techniques play in warming up and post exercise
  • Understand the difference between using techniques in warm ups, and using techniques to meet clients needs and goals
  • Explain the issues with the use of the word mobility, and the flexibility vs mobility debate
  • Learn a variety of cues that encourage optimal technique and adaptations within techniques
  • Know the difference between internal and external cues
  • Understand the importance and role of environment, psychology and social expectations in delivering coaching and programming


    Presented by Glenn Phipps of Stretch Yourself Strong

    Glenn Phipps is an in-demand Exercise Physiologist who helps trainers, athletes and answer-hungry humans navigate the confusing world of exercise science, so they can avoid mindless mobility and broscience.


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    Target Audience

    Any Accredited Exercise Scientist, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Accredited Sports Scientist Level 1, Accredited Sports Scientist Level 2 and/or Accredited High Performance Manager 


    ESSA CPD Points

    Successful completion of an assessment, within 60 days is required to earn applicable CPD Points



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    • ESSA confirms that at the date of release, this professional development meets the requirements of the ESSA Continuing Professional Development Points Guidelines. The information contained in this professional development is of a general nature only, and while every effort and care has been taken to ensure that all representations are accurate as at the date of its release, ESSA accepts no legal liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of any information provided in this professional development. 
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  • When
    1/01/2023 - 30/11/2024

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