Thinking of a career in exercise and sports science?

Who are ESSA accredited professionals?

ESSA is the membership and accreditation body for four categories of exercise professionals. Degree qualified exercise professionals can be recognised under the following accreditation types: 

Accredited Exercise Scientists (AES) – use exercise to improve health, well-being and fitness
Accredited Exercise Physiologists (AEP) – use exercise to help manage chronic conditions, disability and injuries
Accredited Sports Scientists (ASpS) – use exercise to improve sporting performance
Accredited High Performance Managers (AHPM) – manage a range of performance services for elite sport

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ESSA General Careers Guide

The ESSA Careers Guide is for anyone that is considering a career in exercise and sports science. Whether you are a school leaver, parent or guardian of a school leaver or careers advisor, or perhaps you are considering a career change, this guide aims to help inform your decision and answer questions about study, industry recognition and work opportunities. Click here to download the guide. 

Exercise Science Careers Guide

The Exercise Science Careers Guide provides an overview of the world of exercise science, industry opportunities, career profiles and how to gain accreditation as an Exercise Scientist. Click here to download.

Industry Information

For information about the future workforce and graduate destination information see ESSA's industry reports here.