To become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist you need to meet the following:
1) Exercise Science Standards
2) Accredited Exercise Physiologist Standards
3) 500 hours of practical experience

All three can be obtained through one of three study pathways outlined below: 

 A. Four Year Bachelor Degree Qualification 

Successful completion of an ESSA accredited exercise physiology course (min. four years). This can be either a current or previously accredited course. Click here for courses .
Meet all the eligibility requirements  for ESSA accreditation.
Apply to ESSA to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist using the correct form.


B. Three Year Bachelor Degree Qualification + Postgraduate Qualification

Meet the Exercise Science Standards and at least 140 hours of practical experience through either:

- Successful completion of an ESSA accredited exercise science (ES) course (three years equivalent), OR
- Successful completion of a minimum Bachelor’s degree that successfully meets the ESSA Exercise Science Standards and 140 hours of practical experience,
- Meet all the eligibility requirements for ESSA accreditation.

NOTE: To enter an ESSA accredited post graduate course in exercise physiology, the course provider may ask you to confirm you have met the Exercise Science Standards and practicum by providing a Graduate Entry Assessment letter from ESSA. To apply for this click here.

Apply to ESSA for Accredited Exercise Physiologist using the correct form.


C. Overseas Qualification

The International Accreditation pathway is open to those who have successfully completed overseas study in clinical exercise physiology. Applicants must have at least four years full-time equivalent (FTE) study in the field of exercise physiology. Click here for more details.