Exercise Physiology Accreditation for International Graduates

Are you seeking to have your international qualifications recognised to become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) in Australia? 

The International Accreditation pathway is open to graduates from an overseas tertiary institution (i.e. outside Australia) who: 
- Have at least four years full-time equivalent (FTE) study in applied exercise science,
- Have undertaken at least 500 hours of professional practice in the categories defined by ESSA, 
- Meet Recency of Practice requirements AND
- Can demonstrate equivalency of the knowledge, skills and experience required to become an ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP).

The 2019 International Accreditation pathway consists of four stages:





Cost – All fees are GST inclusive 

Stage 1: Desktop Review
Applicants complete and submit an International AEP APPLICATION FORM

An APPLICATION GUIDE is available to assist applicants in understanding the requirements for the application. 

Review of the information and documents submitted with the International AEP Application Form to demonstrate equivalency of the ESSA requirements for becoming an AEP. 

Stage 2: AEP Theoretical Examination    On-line examination with invigilator supervision    Initial fee: $700.00

Re-sit fee: $500.00
Stage 3: AEP Practical Examination    Face-to-face practical examination with simulated clients. Examinations are offered at selected times and locations within Australia*    Initial fee: $1,200.00        

Re-sit fee: $1,200.00


The process is progressive and applicants must pass each stage of the process before they can apply for the subsequent stage.

Applicants will be required to submit for Stage 1 (the Desktop Review) at least four months before the date of a practical examination, to allow sufficient time for the applicant to progress to this stage in the process.