Accredited Sports Science (ASpS)

Accredited Sports Scientist - Level 2 

The Level 2 Accredited Sports Scientist Professional Standards build on the underpinning Level 1 Accredited Sports Scientist Professional Standards. At Level 2, the Accredited Sports Scientists are professionals who have a minimum Master's level degree and five years of full time experience in a Sports Science domain to demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills and expertise in sports science that is applied across subfields including sports physiology, sports biomechanics, skill acquisition, strength science, and performance analysis. Often, Accredited Sports Scientists (Level 2) have undertaken further post-graduate study and have an area of speciality that they have conducted research in. Therefore, they are recognised as a specialist in a specific sport science domain, while also having a thorough global understanding of the sport science concepts that apply to the profession. 

How to Apply:

Click the button below to begin your application. Please ensure you have read the application guide whilst compiling your application for sports science. The application guide outlines key information, requirements and helpful hints to assist you. 

Accredited Sports Scientist Level 2 Application Form 
Application Form

You must provide a certified copy for your ID with your application to ESSA. Examples of acceptable photo ID and instructions on how to certify the copy can be found here. 
Certified Photo ID





Bachelor degree in Exercise, Movement Science or Sports Science AND Masters in Sports Science (or higher)

Bachelor degree not in Exercise, Movement Science or Sports Science AND PhD in Sports Science


Demonstrated evidence of 5 years (FTE) experience within the Sports Science Scope of Practice 

Demonstrated evidence of 7 years (FTE) experience within the Sports Science Scope of Practice

Pre-requisite(s)  AES
ASpS Level 1
 ASpS Level 1


Meet ASpS Level 2 Standards

Meet ASpS Level 2 Standards

Application Processing Fee

$84 (If an ESSA accredited Exercise Science course)

$217 (If non ESSA accredited Exercise Science course)


All accreditation application fees are determined by which professional standards are required to be addressed.

All fees are required to be payable upon receipt of the application and are non-refundable.

An additional fee of $55 applies in the event an application requires additional information to be finalised.

Additional Resources, Templates and Guides: 

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