‘I’ll take some students’

‘I’ll take some students’

‘I’ll take some students’ - Tools you can use to run high quality student placements

This online activity is designed to help exercise professionals run high quality student placements. 

A large proportion of health and exercise professionals report barriers to taking students on placement. Potential barriers include:
- ‘I feel like I need more supervision training’;  
- ‘I’m worried about keeping the student engaged and interested’; and
- ‘I don’t have enough time’.

However, it's well documented in research that hosting students on placement can offer lots of benefits, for both exercise professionals and their workplaces. Benefits can include attracting new staff, retaining existing staff, and even improving skills that help with career progression (like communication and management skills). 

In this online activity we'll break down some of the most common barriers to taking students on placement. You’ll learn about three evidence-based methods that you can use to increase your student supervision skills, keep students on-track, and to generally make the process of hosting a student on placement more manageable. 

Topics covered include how to:
- ask good questions (that turn student observations into learning);
- keep students engaged (including for the times when you need to do something else and you can’t be right there by their side); and
- use peer assisted learning (to help with hosting more than one student on placement at a time). 

Whether you’re new to supervising students on placement, or have hosted students before, this online activity will give you tools that you can use to improve the placement experience for yourself and the students you host. 

This is a recording of an ESSA webinar presented on 4 March 2022. 

Presented by Mr Edward Jelbart, AES, AEP, BHumMov (ExSci); GradDipEd; GradCertPubHealth

Ned Jelbart is a qualified teacher and an Accredited Exercise Physiologist. He has 17 years experience working with students and placement supervisors across the exercise, health and education fields. His experience includes working as a learning co-ordinator for a large placement host, ACT Health, through to managing allied health placements for a large training provider in the tertiary education sector. 

Ned has won a series of awards for his work in the field of student placements and work integrated learning. In 2019 he won the Canberra Institute of Technology Board Award for a project he led to develop a simulated learning environment designed to build work readiness of students going on placement. In 2018 he won the ACT Health Allied Health Education Excellence Award for his role in building opportunities for local medical students and allied health staff at Canberra Health Services to learn with, from and about each other, to improve collaboration and raise awareness about the expertise of allied health professionals. 

In 2020 Ned founded Applied 8 Education and Professional Development. Applied 8 brings together Ned’s interest and experience in the fields of education and exercise, including about how to run high quality student placements, which is an area of high priority in the growing health and exercise sectors. 

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